Meet Donté

Good music can be defined in many ways. To Donte Credo, good music is inspiring, creative, and emotional. Its provoking and innovative, constantly challenging our limits and stretching our borders. This is the world Donte loves to live in. Hailing from Shelby, North Carolina, the artist works to present a unique yet versatile style that reaches beyond his generation. 

Carrying over 10 years of professional experience, Donte Credo has opened for various artists and bands. His jack-of-all-trades mentality has also allowed him to be apart of numerous video, tv, and radio projects along with himself being featured on various mixtapes and projects throughout the nation. Now ready to establish his own way, Donte ventures to create a sound that legacies are built upon. 

Be sure to stick around for the journey. Its going to be one wild crazy ride!